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The Academy of Multimedia & Communications is what is known as a pocket academy; essentially, we function as a specialized school within Madison Central and Rosa Scott High Schools.


Career academies are designed to prepare students for college and careers, including careers after high school.  Teaching students to think critically, collaborate, and solve problems is just as important as teaching them academic knowledge.  Students in the AMC move through coursework in a cohort - they take one academy class and other academic classes together in a group.  We emphasize project-based learning, which gives students a real-world application for what they're learning in the classroom.

The AMC is dedicated to teaching the skills and providing the hands-on experience necessary for successful futures, both personally and professionally.



Video Production is at the core of the AMC - all first-year academy students are introduced to the process of video editing and DSLR cameras in Video Production I. Second-year students dive into the production process, learning the ins and outs of filmmaking.

In Video Production III & IV, students are empowered to become independent filmmakers in their own right, and begin building portfolios to showcase their body of work. Third-year students will focus on creating short films, exploring different genres, and expressing their unique points of view. Fourth-year students will create a Capstone project - an experience meant to distill their time in the AMC into one project.

Instructors -

Devin Cooper & Michelle Denson


In Broadcast Journalism, students take the lead!  Third and fourth-year academy students can choose to pursue the Broadcast track, either in its own right or as a companion to one of the other academy pathways.


The award-winning Jaguar News Network is an entirely student-run organization.  JNN Staff members produce the monthly news show "The Central" as well as sports reports, special topics podcasts, and more. 


Instructor -

Taylor Langele


winners at


2022 - Emmy awards

  • 2022 Best Hype Video / AMC Alumni; Emma Harrington


2021 - MS Scholastic Press Association

  • #1 Student Newscast in Mississippi

  • #1 Entertainment Podcast

  • #1 Social Media Presence


The Sports Marketing pathway is open to all AMC third and fourth-year students.  


Sports Marketing students learn the ins and outs of marketing and promotion in the world of athletics.  Creating hype videos and highlight reels, designing graphics and schedules for community distribution, and working with community businesses as sponsors of

Big Blue booster club - these students do it all!

Instructor -

Bill Johnson

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